Adduce Marketing delivers memorable marketing solutions to businesses employing up to 50 staff in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire.

We do this by working on your behalf to manage specific marketing programmes against pre-defined goals. This ensures that programmes are fully coordinated and delivered to a high professional standard which maximises the benefit from your budget spend.

Company Overview Brochure

Marketing Effectiveness Assessment - looking at what you and your main competitors do now and highlighting areas that could deliver improved effectiveness and how.  Factsheet

Marketing Strategy Creation - working with you to define a holistic strategy for marketing that will improve how you find and keep customers profitably.

Marketing Programmes Definition - working with you to define and specify the marketing programmes that will be most effective in your business, including supplier sourcing and budgeting.

Marketing Programmes Management - working on your behalf to deliver specific marketing programmes against pre-defined goals, including supplier management if required, including;

Supplier sourcing - Graphic Design, Web Design, List Management & Telemarketing, Printing, Advertising, Branded Gifts, PR, Exhibitions, Sponsorships, Outbound eMail Management, others as needed.

Supplier management - Ensuring timely delivery, to quality and budget, of all sub-contracted marketing materials and programmes.

Copy writing and copy checking - Ensuring consistent and memorable marketing messages throughout all activities.

Website content - Ensuring that website content matches all other communication messages in a timely fashion.

Marketing campaigns - Coordinating programmes that target customer retention, acquisition and/or profitability.

Fees - the fees for Adduce Marketing's services are generally embedded into fixed priced projects that include a range of deliverables as well as project management. However, clients do occasionally have need for ad hoc services that can be billed on a time and materials basis.

Travel to/from a client's main premises are free of charge for both time and expenses in all cases.