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Looking good

I get very frustrated when confronted with examples of poor design.  I don't suppose that I am alone.  A particular pet hate of mine is a 'logo' where the company name is laid out in a swirling script and I can't make head nor tail of what it actually says.  Is that an R or is it a C?  A typical case of form triumphing over function!

Here are a few tips on how to make sure that design helps make your company look good.

Design is a business investment, like any other

Never let the design 'tail' wag the business 'dog'.  Treat design like any other business investment and make sure that it earns it's keep.  That means keeping absolute clarity on what the function is that you are trying to achieve, then let the form follow.  Always go back to your original specification to check that the design is working effectively.  And don't be afraid to measure the return on the design spend over time.  It will help you improve the process next time.

This way you can improve how you brief your designer.  The more information you can give them about what the business needs are, the more functional their designs will be. 

And if you don't have a genuine business need, then don't do the design work.  Just because you are bored with your company logo doesn't mean that you should change it.  Is it still doing its job for your business effectively? If yes, then leave it alone!

Not all designers are the same

I've worked with many designers over the years and they all have their own approach and style.  Choosing which one to work with can seem hard. The most reliable way that I've found is, just like your friends, choose a designer, or designers, that you get on with at a personal level.  Designers that have empathy with you, your business, your customers and your goals.

Forget which college or university they went to, which other clients they have, whether they use a PC or an Apple Mac and so on.  Just focus on whether you feel that you share a common understanding of what is needed to be done.  Then give them their freedom to come up with a range of ideas. Don't restrict their thought processes with your own prejudices of what 'good design' is.  It is their job to be creative.

Remember that the purpose of the design is to impress existing and potential customers ... not you or your colleagues.  So, if you are ever unsure about which designs might work best, you can always ask the experts ... your customers.

Memorable marketing

Thinking and working pragmatically like this will help you to make your marketing work better for you in a more memorable way. This means that your target customers will be able to differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors and clearly see the value in buying from you.

If you would like some advice on memorable marketing techniques for your own business, or you know someone at another business who might need help, then please contact us. The sooner you start, the sooner you will benefit.


The Importance of Design

Download this handy guide which explains how to get the best from your design investments in order to improve effectiveness in the market.

Written by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as part of their Directors' Briefing series, this document makes easy reading for business people of all experience levels.


Marketing Effectiveness Assessment

A free service to small businesses in the Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire area, the Marketing Effectiveness Assessment delivers a professional audit of how a business is using the tools of marketing to communicate to existing and potential customers. It also includes a series of simple and cost-effective marketing activities that the business can implement immediately and at low cost.

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